We are so much more than fireworks!


Bring a winter wonderland to your events with snow! Our snow flakes are specially formulated for indoor settings using our top of the line, professional snow machines. Perfect for Weddings, Film, Parties and Stage. Contact us today to learn more!


Perfect for stunts, film, air shows, or just to add an extra punch to your events! Fireballs, mushroom clouds, and walls of fire are but a few types of explosions Imperial Pyro and Special Effects can provide. Contact us to discuss your vision of fire today!


Shower your dance floor in hundreds of balloons cascading from the ceiling! Perfect for parties and really popular for New Year's Eve celebrations, our balloon drops vary in size from less than 20 balloons to over a thousand! Many balloon colors and styles are available. Our balloon drops also look great while in the air before the big moment!
Contact us to learn more.


Bubbles, bubbles everywhere but not a drop to drink!
Our professional theatrical grade bubble machines and fluids can add millions of bubbles to your events!
Contact us to learn more.


Nothing says celebration like a shower of confetti or streamers! We use the highest quality tissue or metallic confetti or streamers. Many different cannon options are available including hand held, single tube, and stadium shot.
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Add drama to your sporting event, wedding entrance, or concert/stage production with cryo!
Cryo jets, handheld guns, and backpacks are available. Contact us to learn more.


Looking to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere? Or maybe the beauty of a fog filled dance floor for the perfect dancing on a cloud effect? Nothing is more versatile than fog in creating dazzling looks and unique photos! We offer both low lying fog and traditional airborne fog effects.
Contact us to learn more.


Contact us to learn about other special effects not featured on the website yet. We also supply lasers, indoor flame effects, geysers, water effects and much more!



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